Research Interests

My interests lie in the framework of computer vision and image processing, which are amazing fields. One can think of various exciting applications. Aesthetic quality assessment and help-during-design have recently become a hot topic for computer vision. As visual aesthetics is not limited to the photography, one can consider Webpage design as concern for computer vision.

For the last two years I have been working on representation of one of the important design principles: balance. This work has neared an imminent submission. Given the vagueness of problem definition, the progress was slow and gradual. The aim is to capture this notion via simple image feature representing color, texture, shape, etc. information.

On the other hand, an interesting project in plant biology has started, where the aim is to automatize the colocalization analysis of cellulose synthase and microtubules in cell wall through fluorescent microscopy images. The techniques in medical image analysis field have been applied to the data with hope raising preliminary results.

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